Creative Services

I specialize in creating stunning visual and written content to meet a variety of needs. Below are areas I've developed a specific expertise. 

Professional Photography

My speciality is action-adventure and travel-lifestyle photography, which is also the focus of my blog, 63mph. But I've also spent a lot of time shooting portraiture, real estate, and office/startup culture. Note: I am always thrilled to combine professional written services with my photography, in the form of a photo essay, my favorite creative medium. 

Travel Adventure 


Real Estate

Office/Startup Culture (for company websites)


Professional Writing

My focus on storytelling is getting the true essence of person, event, or thing. I do this through in-depth interviews and in-the-field research. Whether it's my own blog or a company blog, I apply the same level of detail, creativity and fun. You can hire me to blog, write for your publication or magazine, interview and tell your customer's story, or write the script for your film. Below are just a few examples of my writing expertise. Note: I am always thrilled to combine images with my professional written services, in the form of a photo essay, my favorite creative medium.

Personal Blog Story

REI Photo Essay/Peak Design


Film Production Services

Stride Health Company Blog Features piece


Travel/Trip Planning Services

I've traveled extensively through western North America and Hawaii, always with the pursuit of uncovering the deepest cuts, the hardest to find places and experiences. And that rare thing that don't get much of these days – peace and quiet. If you don't want to spend years on the road finding the best camping spots, hikes, and hot springs, but want to benefit from my years doing so, let me help plan your trip and travel experience.