Visual Revamp for Startups

by Matt McDonald

While lifestyle photography is the focus of my blog and instagram, I've spent over a decade shooting startup culture, portraiture, and product. I love bringing a company's story to life.

My focus is simple. I've lived the life you're living – I spent five years working in startup environments, which gives me the unique ability to capture your visual story like no stock imagery can. 

The true benefit of a visual revamp is building an authentic connection with your audience, to ensure they understand your core value prop and trust the services you offer. It's all about your culture, product, and people.


A Focus on Culture

Any time a group of bright individuals comes together, a team chemistry is produced. We call that culture. I'll find yours and bring it to your audience, visually.


A Focus on Product

Your product is the beating heart of your company. Don't let stock imagery paint a vague picture of what you do. My investigative, detailed style will give your product the spotlight it deserves. 


A Focus on People

People, people, people. Whether you need executive portraiture or company-wide head shots, I will capture what you're looking for simply and beautifully. If you favor serious, funny, or in between... I will listen and bring your vision to life. 


Previous Clients Include


"No one can capture an image like Matt."

- Ching-Yu Hu, Google/Skybox Imaging Marketing Director


A typical visual revamp looks like...

1. A visionary discussion with your storytelling lead. From this, I will produce a creative brief with proposed ideas and cost. 

2. On site photography with your team, typically 2-4 days, depending on the scope of your vision. 

3. Editing and final imagery delivery, typically 3-4 weeks following my on-site visit. 


Don't worry about social media and stock imagery

If your company has an active social media presence, I will provide a set of images tailored for evergreen social content. 

If you need stock imagery to explain an obscure concept, or simply want to beautify your site with some natural landscapes, I have much for you to choose from. 


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