Travel Consulting

My style of travel has led me to deepest cuts, the true hidden gems of Western North America and Hawaii. Let me show you some solitude. 

I've traveled extensively through western North America and Hawaii, always with the pursuit of uncovering the deepest cuts, the hardest to find places and experiences. Ask my friends, they come to me first anytime they're traveling the Western coasts or mountain ranges of North America.

I've spent a decade searching for that rare thing that we don't get much of these days – solitude. If you don't want to spend years on the road finding the best camping spots, hikes, and hot springs, but want to benefit from my years doing so, let me help plan your travel experience.

The way this works: we do an introductory call where I listen to what type of experience you're looking for (from the gnarly to the family getaway). Then I'll dig into the archives, and do any new research, so you come away with 3-5 mind-bending ideas for your travels. 

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