I am extremely selective about which companies support me. I choose to maintain the purity of my work rather than make a bunch of money from unrelated brands. Every so often, a company comes along that makes me go hell yeah! These are the current companies that help me out, that I believe in, and that are worth your time.



The gals and guys at GoWesty were the first to support this project. GoWesty keeps Volkswagen vans roaming the infinite sunset.   They make, stock and distribute original parts, replacement parts and proprietary inventions for these vans. 

I talked to their GM, Jad, about how I would represent their company. “Drop us only when it’s appropriate and natural,” Jad said. “When you’re sitting in your van finishing up that story, and it’s 20 degrees outside, and you’re able to do it because of our heater… times like that." Jad and GoWesty get it. People don’t buy stuff because of catchy sentences, people buy your purpose and passion. 


Peak Design

This team make the best camera bags and accessories out there. I found them many years ago when they solved the "camera in bag" problem all adventure photographers face with their Capture system (holds your camera secure by your backpack strap). Since then, they've branched out to solve even more problems for the creative professional. 

Peak Design's ethos is lockstep with mine. They're a small team that produces products slowly and thoughtfully... only crowdfunding them to keep investor pressure out of the creative process. Photographer or not, they make the best bags, keepers, and accessories for outdoor, creative exploration. When you absolutely need to buy something, there isn't a better company to support. 



MiiR and I go way back. Back to when they were a bottle company supporting water projects in places that didn't have clean water. They still do that + a ton of other things, like making bikes, bags, growlers, and journals, to name a few. MiiR is a lifestyle brand that makes impeccable products AND gives 5% of their revenue to trackable giving projects. They've given away over $400K thus far into their existence. Talk about truly putting their money where their mouth is! 

The coolest part: When I type the code on the bottom of my MiiR stainless steel, insulated water bottle into their website, I see 5% of my purchase is supporting a clean water project in Nepal. Incredible. Oh, and I've climbed Mount Rainier twice with the guys and gals of MiiR. Simply, they rock.  


Pueo Creations

Pueo Creations – a.k.a. my girlfriend's web design and marketing business – has been there every step of the way in building this website and my business. She encouraged me to push the design limits, finally get my photographic prints online, and give a damn about perfecting my site's SEO. She's an all-around web design and marketing boss, and this site wouldn't be here without her help.

In Hawaii, her homeland, the Pueo is the island's short-eared owl. The Pueo is known for its mysterious wisdom and benevolent protective powers as an aumakua, or ancestral Hawaiian guardian. I've seen the care she takes with her clients first-hand, so if you're looking for website design or online marketing for your business or project, please consider Haley's work at Pueo Creations.