The Anti News, Tools and Stories for Living a Slower, More Connected Life

Work is love on display.

Hi, my name is Matt, and my life's work is telling stories with photographs and words. I am most curious about the interaction of humans and their environments. At its essence, 63mph is an exploration of life at a slower pace, life below the speed limit. 

63mph's focus is creating photographs and words from places more often rural than urban. It's an attempt to reconnect in a connected world, to spend real time with the land and its people. It's about making work that is not based on advertising dollars... work that informs and inspires rather than confuses. 

I spent two years ('13-'15) traveling solo in my Volkswagen Vanagon throughout western North America, at a top speed of 63 miles per hour. That experience informed many of my currently held philosophies, and cemented that I am home while exploring.

If you're reading this and wondering whether to reach out, please do. I'd love to just chat, or discuss the variety of creative services I offer, tailored just for you.