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Professional Writing

I specialize in creating honest and visual storytelling.

My focus on storytelling is expressing the true essence of person, event, or thing. I do this by creatively adapting in-depth interviews and in-the-field experiences into prose. Whether it's my own blog or a company blog, I apply the same level of detail, creativity, and fun. You can hire me to write for your publication, film, or blog. Below are just a few examples of my writing expertise. 

Film Scripts and Voiceovers

The majority of my time writing is spent as the lead creative behind film scripts and voiceovers. Whether you need a script to drive an upcoming shoot, or have the visuals and need a voiceover to tie the story together, I am your guy. 

It's always a great challenge to turn a long narrative into a short, digestible story for the web, but that is my specialty, and I love the process. 

Recently, I've worked with Nikon, Corey Rich, Ami Vitale (National Geographic photographer), International Gymnastics Camp, and Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. 

Please see the video below (or to the right) for an example of a voiceover I worked on recently.  


Brand Collaborations

When your brand's ethos aligns with my ethos, an idea is ripe for the making. I've written co-published pieces with brands like , Peak Design, MiiR, and Folk Rebellion. I love these relationships. Please contact me.



Commissioned Photo Essays & Social Media Promotion

REI contacted me to write two commissioned photo essays, encouraging people to get outside for their #letscamp marketing campaign. Both stories were published on my blog, and promoted on social media both by me and REI.


"The Art of the Story"

"A Humbling Breakdown"




Personal Blog

I've been writing a blog full of the most important experiences I've encountered since 2012. The stories I've written have ranged from poems and letters, to full blown photo essays that took months of research, photography, and writing. My blog should give you a sense of the storytelling depth I bring to each project, regardless of the subject matter.  


Company Blogs

Most recently, I served as the community manager for Stride Health, a San Francisco-based health startup. I built them a new blog and set its vision for 1.5 years, while managing freelance writers and writing pieces – including in-depth customer interviews & profiles, insurance guides, industry roundups, as well as pop-culture and scientific health articles. 


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