My friends at GoWesty

My friend Jeremy knows how to get a whole room of people laughing at me.

“So what do you do, Matt?” someone asked.
“Matt’s a professional van driver,” Jeremy answered for me.
Of course we all laughed, and I still laugh when I think about that… maybe because I am proud of it. 

The gals and guys at GoWesty are the first to support this journey. GoWesty keeps these Volkswagen vans roaming the infinite sunset. They make, stock and distribute original parts, replacement parts and proprietary inventions for these vans. Like pneumatic struts that provide 200 lb. of lift assist when you have too much gear up top and still want to pop your top. They solve problems like that.

I talked to their GM, Taylor, about how I would represent them along the way, since they supplied some parts for Donnie.

“Drop us only when it’s appropriate and natural,” Taylor said. “When you’re sitting in your van finishing up that story, and it’s 20 degrees outside, and you’re able to do it because of our heater… times like that.”

Taylor and GoWesty get it. People don’t buy stuff because of catchy sentences, people buy your purpose and passion. 

I haven’t met them yet, but I sense passion oozing out of every crease at the GoWesty HQ. They love these vans and they love what they do. 

The print above is for the them.