He Climbed the Mountain

He climbed the mountain
to tell others
he climbed the mountain
but watched its meaning
pour through his fingers.

He climbed the mountain
to fill an unspoken hole
but found
the mountain cold
to his request. 

The mountain had
winds and clouds and glaciers
to feed
not men with insatiable want. 

He climbed the mountain
to put an X on his list
but saw his list race to infinity
And knew he
was through racing.

He climbed the mountain
uncertain of why he
climbed the mountain
expecting only the

And the mountain turned to watch.

The mountain had
winds and clouds and glaciers
and a man
to feed. 

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[all photographs made on Mount Rainier]

A single raven flies in the open space between Mt Rainier.
Bryan looking up at the route we're about to climb on Mount Rainier
Somewhere around 3AM, where the sun will soon overpower our headlamps
Jeremy paused to look at the alpenglow in the distance, as Mount Adams becomes illuminated by the sunrise
Mount Adams and Mount Hood, as seen from the near summit of Mount Rainier
On the downclimb of Mount Rainier, the clouds open up and a forest fire creates some crazy light effects.
Little Tahoma Peak, as seen while downclimbing the Mount Rainier Disappointment Cleaver route