Infinite Faith

Today, a tribute to Donnie (short for Donatello the ninja turtle).

Donnie’s my 28-year-old home, friend, and moving living room… and you’re damn right I talk to him… everyday. We’ve spent almost 600 days and nights together on the road.

For over a year (and counting) we’ve had no breakdowns, no issues at all. And we haven’t been taking it easy - 25,000 miles (40,000 km) through blizzards, deserts, and enchanted forests where breakdowns are 2-week projects. This ol’ VW van has gifted me infinite faith… when I stopped caring about breakdowns, they stopped coming. Let’s give Donnie a smack on the bumper. Onward, my friend!

[A big high-five to my family @gowestycampers for keeping these vans on the road. I joke with them that there isn’t a vehicle on the road that creates more smiles in the world.]