Los Osos to Lone Pine

I’ve been in California for over 10 years now, but it didn’t even start to make sense until late last year.

I was finally able to spend time in the North the South and most places in between. I saw every climate that I’ve ever read about… high desert, low desert, temperate, inland, coastal, rainforest, alpine, etc. Arctic seems to be the only one missing. 

There’s absolutely no reason to leave the state of California if you’re hunting foreign landscapes, but we still will. Shoot, I’m making a point of it! But that doesn’t stop the state from staring us down with a know-all smirk, “I’ve got it all buddy.”

These images give you a sense of that. I made them today while I drove from the coast (Los, Osos) to the high Sierra (Lone Pine, CA), a near complete traverse of the state west-to-east.

Spring flowers outside of Los Osos 
Farmland somewhere between Los Osos and Bakersfield, California
Oil fields near Bakersfield, California
Kern River flowing through a beautiful valley
Owens Lake, a once magnificent lake in far eastern reaches of California, now dried up
Mount Whitney, as seen from the Alabama Hills