In The Morning

In The Morning

Have you heard the morning lately?
it’s quite easy to miss
when anxiety over the things to do
becomes the waking routine

The morning is mostly quiet
until the sun yawns
then gradually embarks 
on its reliable journey west

What a remarkable friend, the sun
showing up so faithfully
we nearly forget its presence
… until our midday skin screams

Though in the morning,
the sun gently notifies the frogs and crickets
that their evening choir practice is through
they can get back 
to hiding from the world

In the morning,
the sun lightly reminds the birds and the wind
it’s time for their rehearsal
… and the clouds
really, they are not ones to be left out
building and billowing to great heights
rushing to get the best seats
for the day’s drama

I want every morning to show itself
to me like this
Too rare I get this access
for, honestly
it takes much dedication and practice
to quiet my importance enough
to hear the morning. 

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