Seasons & Showers

The Winter Shower

Frequency: Low to very low (only considered on days above 32F)

Source: Any non-frozen water


1. Heat two pots of water on stove

2. Gather 35-degree water in shower bag

3. Regret what you’re about to do

4. Undress, shiver, rinse, soap, shiver, rinse

5. Dump two hot pots over head

6. Say, “Oh my god, that is the definition of bliss.”

7. Towel dry





The Summer Shower

Frequency: High to very high

Source: Any clean water source, ideally an alpine lake or glacial river


1. Undress

2. Stand in the sun for awhile… smile

3. Jump in and swim around

4. Get out and continue smiling

5. Say, “That was the best shower of my life.”

6. Air dry



[title portrait by Keenan Newman]

What a winter shower looks like in vanlife
About to jump into a Cascade Lake for my summer shower