I finished up the final draft of the Iceland book last week.

10,000 words. My first book “finished.” I did a little fist pump at my desk then drank some Pacificos and watched the sunset with Haley and her parents. A normal little Friday. I’ve never been great at celebrating achievements. I force a smile and move on. Perhaps because I can never satisfy the appetite of that damn internal perfectionist, always chewing at the GOOD things I do. Or perhaps because praise, whether internal or external, has always made me uncomfortable. Both things I should probably unpack (what a funny modern buzzword) in a therapy session soon. Anyway, finishing felt like the deep belly PSFEEEWWWW a dog lets out right before a good sleep. Writing hard, day in and day out, eats at your brain the same way endurance sports eat at your fat and muscles. You just want a burrito and some beers and a long nap afterward. All this writerly honesty to say, I’m feeling really proud of the text and hope you end up reading it and learning something about this fascinating topic – Iceland’s glacial rivers. It’s going to be a truly beautiful book paired with Chris Burkard’s images. Aiming for a book release in fall/winter of ’19… I’ll let you know when I know more.