Slow Da F*** Down

Yep, I pretty much have to remind myself of this everyday.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt great when I’m doing too much or doing it too quickly. Anyone else with me in this struggle against the pace of modern society? Luckily, some Maui locals’ homemade sign is seriously helping me in my lifelong quest to Slow Da F*** Down. Funny enough, the only reason I even saw this sign was because I was on my bike, getting annihilated by a tropical rain shower, and my brakes pretty much stopped working. I had no option but to engage turtle speed. On a normal day I would’ve blown by this sign at 32mph.   

Let’s do what we can as individuals to fight against the faceless force of fastness. 

The concept of living at a slower pace – not the one society has set as the norm – is a key principle of 63mph. I can't go the speed limit in my van, Donnie, so buying and keeping this van running have been commitments to the philosophy of slowing da f*** down. I am by no means a master of slow-living, but I do believe it's something we should all pay a little more attention to. Our world has spun out of control, and really, who's behind the wheel? I haven't met a single person who wishes to make their life faster, yet each of us perpetuate the fast-life in our daily actions. Let's be more aware, and let's do what we can as individuals to fight against the faceless force of fastness.