Dirt art, dirt graffiti…

Whatever you want to call it. The windows and paint on my van are embedded with the tales of those met over the last 2 months, and I’ve carried them with me. 

Dirt was written in Alberta, y added in British Columbia – Sun Shine by a 67-yr-old woman in British Columbia – Ski tracks by my friend Tucker in Oregon – HI by a 11-yr-old in Montana –Hoof mark + snout mark (not shown) by a ~4-yr-old buck that bounced off the right rear panel in South Dakota.

Donnie and I rolled up the drive way that I rolled down for school out West 12-years-ago. We’re dirty and tired and a bit broken after 8 months on the Road…  yet Indiana welcomed us with fields and roads and arms wide open. It's good to be home.